Death Traps

Death Traps

Written by: Belton Y. Cooper

  • Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307415007
  • ISBN-13: 9780307415004
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Book Summary

�An important contribution to the history of World War II . . . I have never before been able to learn so much about maintenance methods of an armored division, with precise details that underline the importance of the work, along with descriptions of how the job was done.��Russell F. Weigley, author of�Eisenhower�s Lieutenants

�Cooper saw more of the war than most junior officers, and he writes about it better than almost anyone. . . . His stories are vivid, enlightening, full of life�and of pain, sorrow, horror, and triumph.��Stephen E. Ambrose, from his Foreword�

�In a down-to-earth style, Death Traps tells the compelling story of one man�s assignment to the famous 3rd Armored Division that spearheaded the American advance from Normandy into Germany. Cooper served as an ordnance officer with the forward elements and was responsible for coordinating the recovery and repair of damaged American tanks. This was a dangerous job that often required him to travel alone through enemy territory, and the author recalls his service with pride, downplaying his role in the vast effort that kept the American forces well equipped and supplied. . . . [Readers] will be left with an indelible impression of the importance of the support troops and how dependent combat forces were on them.�Library Journal

�As an alumnus of the 3rd, I eagerly awaited this book�s coming out since I heard of its release . . . and the wait and the book have both been worth it. . . . Cooper is a very polished writer, and the book is very readable. But there is a certain quality of �you are there� many other memoirs do not seem to have. . . . Nothing in recent times�ridgerunning in Korea, firebases in Vietnam, or even the one hundred hours of Desert Storm�pressed the ingenuity and resolve of American troops . . . like WWII. This book lays it out better than any other recent effort, and should be part of the library of any contemporary warrior.��Stephen Sewell,�Armor Magazine

�Cooper�s writing and recall of harrowing events is superb and engrossing. Highly recommended.��Robert A. Lynn, The Stars and Stripes

�This detailed story will become a classic of WWII history and required reading for anyone interested in armored warfare.�Publishers Weekly (starred review)

�[Death Traps] fills a critical gap in WWII literature. . . . It�s a truly unique and valuable work.��G.I. Journal

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