Tiny House Builder - How to Build a Simple Wooden House - Step By Step Guide With Over 100 Pictures and Plans

Tiny House Builder - How to Build a Simple Wooden House - Step By Step Guide With Over 100 Pictures and Plans

Written by: Colvin Tonya Nyakundi John Davidson

  • Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1311344985
  • ISBN-13: 9781311344984
  • eBook-Tiny-House-Builder-How-to-Build-a-Simple-Wooden-House-Step-By-Step-Guide-With-Over-100-Pictures-and-Plans.pdf

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Book Summary

�Table of Contents�

Required Tools and Construction Materials�
Logisticsof Building Small Wooden Houses�
How to optimize your employees� performance�
Necessary Finishing Touches�
24 x 32 Small house Plans�
20 x 30 Small House Plans�
16 x 20 Bunkhouse Plans�
Building Process Pictures for our bunkhouse�
Author Bio�


It is everyone�s dream to own a home in a quiet, secluded and serene environment. Owning such a home offers total privacy and a therapeutic experience that can�t be found elsewhere. Regardless of whether it is the primary or secondary residence, it offers the perfect getaway during weekends and holidays. A simple and comfortable wooden house is what you need in order to have a feeling of serenity and privacy.�

If you want to bond with your spouse, children or friends, there is no better way to do it than spend sometime with them around a simple wooden house in a secluded environment. On top of bonding with family and friends, a wooden house provides the perfect resting place after a successful hunting trip.�

Wooden houses can be built anywhere on earth regardless of the natural phenomena experienced there. For instance, you can build the house in areas prone to earthquakes and rest assured that nobody will be severely injured or die in case of an earthquake. Even if the house is brought to the ground by an earthquake, there is minimal probability of anybody being injured with wooden walls and roof.�
Repairing wooden houses is also quite cheap when compared to repair of houses built with concrete, blocks, bricksor any other construction material. This means that you�ll end up saving money by simply deciding to build a wooden house. It is also quite easy to alter the design of a wooden house than houses built using other materials. If you want special features in a home, all you need to do is make sure that you own a wooden house and then install all the features you want.�

With the book �How to Build a Simple Wooden House,� you�ll have everything required to construct a wooden house anywhere in the world. The book contains step by step guidelines on how you can build such a house from scratch.�

Start your journey to owning your dream home by reading the book: How to Build a Simple Wooden House!!!

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